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At P & P Collectibles & Antiques we are very proud of our Heritage. We go great length to preserve and study our pass. Finding the right Antique Architectural Hardware element to fit your needs can be a very difficult task. We go to a great length to select, match, and restore our Hardware so it is ready for installation. Let us help you find the Antique Hardware element to fit your needs. We have over 20 years experience in the Hardware Industry.

Preserving our Heritage by re-using Old Antique Hardware in Modern applications drive our passion.

The Victorian Era was a very innovative time, it gave us unique styles that survive today, a time of exuberance, abundance were the craving for ornamentation was carried to the ultimate. Very intricate ornate patterns full of passion and expression. Patterns, very difficult to replicate today with the detail and artistry of those days.

Nothing can enhance more your Period Renovation Project, than a completely restored lockset from the past.

Victorian Decorative Hardware is about heritage left to us by our artisans of the past, were Art and beauty was all around us, even on Door knobs, Locks, Rim Locks, Mortise Locks, Strike Plates, Window Locks, Hinges, Door Pulls, Rosettes, Hand Rail Brackets, Pocket Door Hardware, Push Plates, Key Cover Escutcheons, Door Bells, Screen Door Hardware, Mail Slots, Bar Latches, Chain Bolts, Complete Door Sets, Cabinet Hardware and more.

The drive for ornamentation and recognition motivated Lock Manufactures to embark in a competition. Companies like: (Adams and Westlake Co., Barrows Lock Co., Brandford Lock Works, P & F Corbin, Gilbert Lock Co., Hopkins and Dickenson Mfg., Lockwood Mfg., Malory, Wheeler & Co., Metallic Compression Casting Co., Nashua Lock Co., Chicago Hardware Mfg., Co., Norwalk Lock Co., Penn Hardware Co., Reading Hardware Co., Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co., Sargent & Co., Trenton Hardware Co., United State Steel Lock Co., Yale & Town Mfg. Co.) from the late 1800’s to beginning of 1900’s the they produce some of the most exquisite and intricate patterns ever seen. Pattern like the Doggie, Lion Face, Irish Setter, Flying Bird, Two Birds, Hummingbird, Reaper, Steam Engine, Cameo Face, Ekado, Ceylon, Oriental, Broken Leaf, Holly, Frankfort, Belfort, Roanoke, Empire, Alby, Daisy, Brocade, Cushion, Windsor, Savoy,Venice and many more.

We were left with a very rich Heritage, we should be proud of it and preserve it.

Nothing will better welcome your guest, than the feel and look of a completely restore lock-set or the ring of the past of an Old Fashion Mechanical Door Bell.