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Painting your Victorian Home

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5131376663-6cccce750d-z.jpgThe most difficult part of painting your Victorian Remodel is selecting the colors and brand of paint to used. Old Village Paint has a a true Victorian selection of Historic Colors to make your selection easier and Historiclly correct.

The color scheme selection should be coordinated with the period and style of home, amount of contrast desired and porch treatment wanted. If home is Federal, Classical or Greek revival style, opt for light, pastel tones such as white, off-white, buff, pale yellow or soft gray on exterior walls, contrasting color for trim, and dark green for shutters and doors. If home is Queen Anne or similar style, select natural tones such as green, brown, rust and dark gray with one or two complementary or contrasting colors on trim and gingerbread. If early Georgian style, choose dark buff, blue or brown for walls and trim colors with less contrast to the walls. Use several colors for porch and fretwork, or feature ornamental glazed tiles on porch walls and polished red tiles on floors. Alternatively, imitate nature by painting porch ceilings light blue and floors white, gray or green. To avoid painting porch floors, use tiles or wood preservative.

OLD VILLAGE PAINTS capture the charm and character of Colonial, Federal and Victorian periods. Perfect for furniture, walls, decorative accents, interior and exterior woodwork. Easy to use. Soft-sheen velvety finish. Old Village Paints are available in your choice of latex, oil-base, buttermilk formulations or paste stains. The Old Village Color Craftsmen are honored with the opportunity to make paint for many of America's most distinguished institutions. Old Village Paints offer to the architect, decorator, and homeowner a series of authentic colors representative of those used in colonial America. They are formulated for use either inside or outside, over a great variety of substrates. Hiding level, durability, and application properties of Old Village Paints are of the highest order.

AUTHENTIC COLORS crafted by masters of 18th and 19th Century color fidelity - fifth generation print makers. The Old Village paint craftsmen create the authentic colors that simply cannot be matched by a mass production process or by guessing and mixing. Old Village Paints are of superb quality, using natural earth pigments from around the world, as well as the heartland of America.


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